CPM Mechanics Course "Pay per Unit" Tuition Plan

The standard Tuition Fee for the CPM Mechanics Course is $1,500. Currently, ICS-Institute is offering a 10% promotional discount of only $1,350.

Pay-Per-Unit Tuition Payment Plan

In response to customer demand, we are offering a Pay as You Go "$100 per Unit" Plan for payment of the Course Tuition. The CPM Mechanics Course is divided into eighteen Study Units. Under this Plan, you pay for each Study Unit in order to have access to it.

While paying $100 per Study Unit is cumulatively more costly ($1,800) than either the Two-Payment Plan ($1,600), or the Pay in Full Plan ($1,350), it may be the best option for certain individuals.  And, even at $720, this is still quite a bargain price for an eighteen-Unit course of study.

Note: There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges on this Payment Plan. Once you commit to the Per-Unit Payment Plan, there are no credits toward the Full or Two-Part Payment Plans.

How to Use:

  • To get started with the Course, add this Product to your Shopping Cart.
  • Proceed to the Checkout Page, and pay the $100. You are now paid up for the first Study Unit.
  • Before each subsequent Study Unit, return to this page and make another $100 payment.

That's it.

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