CPM Mechanics Course Two-Payment Tuition

The standard Tuition Fee for the CPM Mechanics Course is $1,500. Currently, ICS-Institute is offering a 10% promotional discount of only $1,350.

Two-Part Tuition Payment Plan

However, in response to customer demand, we are offering a Two-Payment Installament Plan for payment of the Course Tuition. Each half of the Course costs $800, for a total Course cost of $1,600. Even with the modest Installment Plan surcharge, this is still a considerable savings when compared with the going rate for online courses.

How to Use:

  • To get started with the Course, add this Product to your Shopping Cart.
  • Proceed to the Checkout Page, and pay the $800; you are now paid up for the first half of the Course
  • Once you complete the Mid-Term exam, return to this page, and make the other $800 payment.


Note: There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges on this Payment Plan.  Once you commit to the Two-Payment Plan, there are no credits toward the Full Payment Plan.

  • Item #: PUB011-02P
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Price $800.00