Course: CPM Mechanics Course Tuition


This is the tuition for the Colleague participants in the CPM Mechanics Course being conducted at the ICS-eCademy (with optional, extra credit, parallel activities in the CPM Mechanics Symposium on LinkedIn).

The CPM Mechanics Course is an eighteen-unit, self-paced program of study, built around the contents of the highly-acclaimed text, CPM Mechanics. There are three participation roles:


Educator Role: Educators who teach college-level courses in Planning & Scheduling to classes of 20 or more students can receive an Evaluation Copy of CPM Mechanics, and are invited to "sit in" on the CPM Mechanics Symposium as our guest.

Bookworm Level: if you own a copy of CPM Mechanics. then you are entitled to participate in the CPM Mechanics Symposium at no additional cost.


Colleague Level: Those who wish to take the CPM Mechanics Course for credit are called Colleagues. Colleagues are essentially students, for whom the CPM Mechanics Symposium is more of a casual discussion group. Think of Bookworms and Educators as merely "auditing" an academic program, whereas Colleagues are actually taking it "for credit."

  • At the end of each week's discussions Colleagues will be take a quiz to confirm their understanding of that week's Book Passage as well as the ongoing discussion in LinkedIn.
  • Each week, the Colleague will have an assignment to perform: perhaps additional reading, some research, or an individual/group project.
  • There will also be a mid-term and final exam, which the Colleague must pass.
  • There will be two Expert Panels (webinars) and seated by world-class experts on Project Time Management in the Construction Industry.  Colleagues will be expected to attend at least one such webinar.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the Colleague will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the instructor and author of the book, CPM Mechanics.

The standard Tuition Fee for the CPM Mechanics Course is $1,500. However, for a limited time, ICS-Institute is offering a 10% promotional discount of only $1,350.



Act today to take advantage of this exceptional self-training opportunity! You may purchase your tuition here. To help more strapped budgets, we offer two other Tuition Payment Plans for the CPM Mechanics Course.

  • Two-Payment Plan: Pay for the tuition in two, $800 payments: one before starting the Course, the other after Mid-Terms. To use this option, click here.
  • Pay-per-Unit Plan: Pay $100 in advance of each unit.To use this option, click here.

Note: Even after you order your book and pay your tuition, you still need to submit an Enrollment Application Form, which you can download here. Finally, if you have more questions or need more information about the CPM Mechanics Symposium or CPM Mechanics Course, go to the Learn Criticial Path Method website, by clicking here.

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