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The Downside Risk of Work Breakdown Structure Implementation

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a hallmark of Dominant Project Management. One can hardly pick up a book on either Project Management or Project Time Management without being overwhelmed by this term and all of the praise heaped upon it. So popular is WBS that most leading Project Management authorities actually mandate its implementation in Project Schedule development. This White Paper seeks to dampen such unbridled enthusiasm with a splash of sober reality; about the downside risk of WBS Implementation. 




Table of Contents

1:    Understanding a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  1A:    WBS Does Not Enhance a Schedule's Temporal Functionality
  1B:    Work Breakdown Structure, Its Common Meaning 
2: What a WBS Is 
  2A:   A WBS Decomposes Project Work Scope 
  2B:   A WBS Provides a Detailed Breakdown
  2C:   A WBS is Organized Hierarchically 
  2D:   A WBS is Product-Oriented 
3:   How a WBS is Used
  3A:   WBS Created by Costs Folks, Handed to Scheduling Folks 
  3B:   WBS Mainly Supports Non-Temporal Project Objectives 
  3C:   WBS Can Erode a Schedule's Temporal Functionality 
4:   Definitions of Terms Used in this White Paper 


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